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Viss, kas Jums jāzina par elektriskajām zobu birstēm

Plaša izvēle elektriskajām zobu birstēm
23 12 2020
virietis izmanto elektrisko zobu birsti

Dental care and oral hygiene are some of the processes that must be performed regularly for each of us. To do this effectively and correctly requires not only skills but also the right accessories. Electric toothbrushes are receiving more and more attention nowadays - their usefulness and efficiency still raise many questions, which we will try to answer this time.

Electric toothbrush or regular toothbrush?

the woman chooses between a normal and an electric toothbrush

To choose the right toothbrush, we recommend that you explore the benefits of an electric toothbrush:

  • Efficiency. Electric toothbrushes are specially designed to allow easier access to the plaque that forms on the tooth surface, tongue and mouth. Tightly spaced bristles and vibrations make plaque removal and gum care easier to achieve ideal oral hygiene much easier than using only a regular toothbrush. The effectiveness of the vibration has been proven in many studies, which confirm that in most cases the plaque is removed more efficiently, and the gums are not injured because the cleaning is performed with soft bristles.
  • Functionality. Many electric toothbrushes can even offer several different tooth cleaning modes with convenient audio signals, Bluetooth and other functions. The modern electric toothbrush will also have a built-in pressure sensor, which allows for efficient cleaning, providing gum protection and achieving higher efficiency when brushing your teeth every day. 
  • Shorter cleaning time. The toothbrush head moves incredibly fast! For this reason, instead of the recommended 3-5 minutes, it will only take 2 minutes to use an electric toothbrush, but if you are trying to achieve the tooth cleaning efficiency of a patented electrical device using a simple toothbrush, you would have to spend a few hours .
  • Reduced toothpaste consumption.  Every dentist will advise you not to use more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste in your daily dental and gum care procedures, but with a regular toothbrush, this amount often spreads all over the toothbrush head. As the bristles of the electric toothbrush are arranged more compactly, a much smaller amount of paste is needed on a daily basis.
  • Wide range of applications. Due to the different modes and interchangeable tips, these brushes can be adapted to different needs - both those who struggle with gum sensitivity on a daily basis and those who want their teeth to be whiter and want to effectively remove plaque will find a suitable product. Children's electric toothbrush is also very common  - reviews and parents' experience clearly show that this solution improves and helps maintain proper oral hygiene from an early age.

the child brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush

The best electric toothbrushes: how to choose?

Another major problem is the choice of an electric toothbrush for perfect oral hygiene. Since there are different models of this type of toothbrush available today, it is necessary to understand the criteria for choosing the most suitable toothbrush:

  • Direction of movement. Although the principle of all these devices is the same, the toothbrush technologies used by the manufacturers differ, which affects certain functions. The simplest electric toothbrushes work with technology in which the brush moves only sideways or in a circular motion. These brushes usually have a lower price. All other methods ( rotational vibration, reverse rotation, ultrasonic) are considered to be slightly better, but it is not yet clear which one is most effective in removing plaque, maintaining gum and dental health, and maintaining a beautiful smile. Often, brushing your teeth with ordinary brushes does not give you the effect you want, because they cannot remove all the plaque, and tartar forms over time. If you are willing to invest a little more in one of these additional options, you will not be disappointed, as cleaning over time will show obvious and tangible results.

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  • Akumulators. Mūsdienās daudzās šāda veida zobu birstēs tiek izmantoti atkārtoti uzlādējami akumulatori. Ja tās atkal uzlādēs šīs ierīces dokstacijā, jūs nejutīsiet nekādu diskomfortu. Tomēr, ja uzlādēšanai ir cita metode, ir lietderīgi atzīmēt akumulatora darbības laiku: jo ilgāks tas ir, jo mazāk laika Jums būs jāvelta papildu darbiem. 

  • Functionality. The more different features and modes of electric toothbrushes, the more comfort you will enjoy, but there may also be significantly higher costs, so you need to think about your budget if you want to buy an electric toothbrush. Among the most useful functions are the toothbrush tip wear indicator, the audible signal and the pressure sensor, but everything else will depend only on your wishes. Modern brushes even offer the possibility to use a specially adapted mobile application with tips and video tutorials, because, as you know, the electric toothbrush performs its task effectively only if it is used correctly. Also, before purchasing such a brush, it is advisable to consult with your dentist.

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electric toothbrush with tips

  • Design. This aspect will be most suitable for children - since this toothbrush will last long enough, make sure that your color and style will appeal to your offspring. In the assortment you will find original and playful designs that will allow the little masks to brush their teeth with joy and enthusiasm.

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  • Manufacturer. The quality of the devices is also influenced by the manufacturer's brand, so buyers more often choose products from famous manufacturers. But companies that have only recently entered the market can also surprise you with the best toothbrushes, reviews and reviews to help you make the right decision. To make a choice about which device to use for daily dental care, we recommend that you read the reviews of users and experts available on the Internet.

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How to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush?

To avoid frustration with your new purchase, it's important to know how to use it properly. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Imagine that the oral cavity is divided into four zones (half up and half down) -  you will have to change the cleaning zone when the toothbrush sounds . If the alarm does not sound, wait for about half a minute or one minute.
  • Although these brushes do a good job of  providing greater freshness, better gum health and more effective plaque removal, we also recommend using a mouthwash after cleaning.

woman brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush

Izvēloties jūsu vajadzībām atbilstošu augstas kvalitātes elektrisko zobu birsti, bez pūlēm varēsiet noņemt kaitīgo aplikumu, saudzēt smaganas ar mīkstiem birstītes sariņiem un baudīt daudz labāku mutes dobuma higiēnu ilgtermiņā. piedāvā lielu izvēli. Internetveikalā Jums ir iespēja iegādāties elektriskās zobu birstes par labu cenu!

Zobu kopšana un mutes dobuma higiēna ir daži no procesiem, kas regulāri jāveic katram no mums. Lai to izdarītu vislabākajā iespējamā veidā, ir vajadzīgas ne tikai prasmes, bet arī atbilstoši piederumi. Elektriskajām zobu birstēm mūsdienās tiek pievērsta arvien lielāka uzmanība - to lietderība un efektivitāte joprojām rada daudz jautājumu, uz kuriem šoreiz mēģināsim atbildēt.

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